Articles by: Martinez

Recognition of coloured and textured images through a multi-scale neural architecture with orientational filtering and chromatic diffusion (2009)
Categories Topics: Image Analysis, Models: ARTMAP,
Author(s) Anton | Rodriguez, M. | Diaz | Pernas, F.J. | Diez | Higuera, J.F. | Martinez | Zarzuela, M. | Gonzalez | Ortega, D. |
Abstract The aim of this paper is to outline a multiple scale neural model to recognise colour images of textured scenes. This model combines colour and textural information in order to recognise colour texture images through the ...

An electronic tongue for fish freshness analysis using a thick-film array of electrodes (2008)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Biological Classification, Models: Fuzzy ARTMAP,
Author(s) Barat, J.M. | Escriche, I. | GarciaBreijo, E. | Gil, L. | MartinezManez, R. | Soto, J. |
Abstract We report on the development of an electronic tongue as potential tool for fish freshness determination. The studies were carried out following the evolution with time on fillet of cultured sea bream (Sparus Auratus). The ...