Welcome to the new
CNS Tech Lab Website!

The Boston University Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems (CNS) and the CNS Technology Lab serve as the home base for neural technology research and development. CNS research and training programs address two broad questions:

How does the brain control behavior?

How can technology emulate biological intelligence?

The first question is a modern form of the Mind/Body problem. The second question supports the development of intelligent technologies that are well suited to human societies. These two scientific and technological foci are symbiotic because brains are unparalleled in their ability to adapt intelligently to complex and novel environments.

The CNS Technology Lab provides a bridge between the computational principles that underlie the mechanisms of thought and behavior and the application of neural network systems to research and development problems in industry, academia, and government.

This website provides articles, algorithms, data sets, FAQs, links, and tutorials to facilitate the transfer of cognitive and neural models and technology.

Development of this website was supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research; by the SyNAPSE program of the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (Hewlett-Packard Company, subcontract under DARPA prime contract HR0011-09-3-0001 and HRL Laboratories LLC, subcontract #801881-BS under DARPA prime contract HR0011-09-C-0001); and by CELEST, an NSF Science of Learning Center (NSF SBE-0354378).