CNS Graduate Degree

CNS is a graduate department devoted to the interdisciplinary training of students seeking MA, PhD, and BA/MA degrees.

The foundation of CNS education is a unique curriculum of 17 interdisciplinary courses developed by the faculty. Each course integrates the psychological, neurobiological, mathematical, and computational information needed to investigate fundamental issues concerning mind and brain processes and the applications of neural networks and hybrid systems to technology. Technological training includes methods and applications in image processing, signal processing, adaptive pattern recognition, information fusion, data mining, intelligent control, and robotics. Degree candidates also develop disciplinary expertise by taking courses in departments such as biology, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and psychology. Students work individually with one or more advisors to learn how to carry out advanced interdisciplinary research, from problem definition through professional presentation.

As a result of the breadth, depth, and rigor of their training, CNS graduates have consistently found excellent jobs in both academic and technological professions. Besides its core research and training program, the department organizes colloquia, seminars, and international conferences and symposia, which bring in distinguished scientists from experimental, theoretical, and technological disciplines.

For more information about the CNS Graduate program, please visit the CNS Program website, or contact the graduate coordinator Mr. Robin Amos at .