image Neurala was founded by three CNS students and postdocs, Massimiliano Versace, Heather Ames and Anatoli Gorchetchnikov, searching for a solution to increase the execution speed of running brain-based algorithms, one of the main barriers that limit the development and application of AI software in research and industry. In 2006, the Neurala founders completed the design of a new method for performing parallel calculations, such as the one required to implement large-scale networks of interconnected neurons, on analogous parallel hardware that would allow overcoming the speed limitation of parallel neural network programs by exploiting commoditized, inexpensive graphics processing units (GPUs) and multicore CPUs. In January of 2006, the founders established a Delaware LLC and by September 2006, a utility patent application (35) was filed in September 2007. Neurala has been working on developing more sophisticated brain-based algorithms to solve many problems ranging from gunshot detection to image processing and remote sensing based categorization.