A Neural Network Structure for Detecting Straight Line Segments

Author(s): Murshed, N. |

Year: 1999

Citation: Proceedings of the IJCNN 99.

Abstract: A new method for detecting one-pixel wide vertical, horizontal and diagonal line segments in binary images, is presented. It is based on using four slabs of neural network each of which is composed of a set layers. Each layer consists of a number of neurons that is determined by the slab type. The whole image is used as input to each slab, and the information processing in each slab occurs in parallel, decreasing, therefore, computation time and allowing hardware implementation. The method was tested with various types of binary images and the obtained results were satisfactory. In addition, the method was robust against random noise, such as straight lines impeded in a cloud of points.

Topics: Image Analysis, Applications: Character Recognition, Models: ART 1,

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