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Articles listed below give examples of ART-based systems being used outside the CNS department at Boston University.

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An Alternative Evaluation of FMEA: Fuzzy ART Algorithm (2009)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Industrial Control, Models: ART 2 / Fuzzy ART,
Author(s) Keskin, G.A. | Ozkan, C. |
Abstract Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (F MEA) is a technique used in the manufacturing industry to improve production quality and productivity. It is a method that evaluates possible failures in the system, design, process or ...

Pattern recognition for sensor array signals using Fuzzy ARTMAP (2009)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Chemical Analysis, Models: Fuzzy ARTMAP,
Author(s) Xu, Z. | Shi, X.J. | Wang, L.Y. | Luo, J. | Zhong, C.J. |
Abstract A Fuzzy ARTMAP classifier for pattern recognition in chemical sensor array was developed based on Fuzzy Set Theory and Adaptive Resonance Theory. In contrast to most current classifiers with difficulty in detecting new ...

Recognition of coloured and textured images through a multi-scale neural architecture with orientational filtering and chromatic diffusion (2009)
Categories Topics: Image Analysis, Models: ARTMAP,
Author(s) Anton | Rodriguez, M. | Diaz | Pernas, F.J. | Diez | Higuera, J.F. | Martinez | Zarzuela, M. | Gonzalez | Ortega, D. |
Abstract The aim of this paper is to outline a multiple scale neural model to recognise colour images of textured scenes. This model combines colour and textural information in order to recognise colour texture images through the ...

Fault diagnosis of pneumatic systems with artificial neural network algorithms (2009)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Industrial Control, Models: ART 2 / Fuzzy ART,
Author(s) Tansel, I.N. | Demetgul, M. | Taskin, S. |
Abstract Pneumatic systems repeat the identical programmed sequence during their operation. The data was collected when the pneumatic system worked perfectly and had some faults including empty magazine, zero vacuum, inappropriate ...

dFasArt: Dynamic neural processing in FasArt model (2009)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Models: ART 2 / Fuzzy ART, Modified ART,
Author(s) Almonacid, M. | Cano-Izquierdo, J.M. | Ibarrola, J. | Pinzolas, M. |
Abstract The temporal character of the input is, generally, not taken into account in the neural models. This paper presents an extension of the FasArt model focused on the treatment of temporal signals. FasArt model is proposed as ...

A novel pattern recognition algorithm: Combining ART network with SVM to reconstruct a multi-class classifier (2009)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Models: ART 1, Modified ART, Self Organizing Maps,
Author(s) Li, H. | Liu, J.F. | Wang, A. | Yu, Z.G. | Yuan, W.J. |
Abstract Based on the principle of one-against-one support vector machines (SVMs) multi-class classification algorithm, this paper proposes an extended SVMs method which couples adaptive resonance theory (ART) network to reconstruct ...

AG-ART: An adaptive approach to evolving ART architectures (2009)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Models: ARTMAP, Fuzzy ARTMAP, Modified ART, Genetic Algorithms,
Author(s) Anagnostopoulos, G.C. | Georgiopoulos, M. | Kaylani, A. | Mollaghasemi, M. |
Abstract This paper focuses on classification problems, and in particular on the evolution of ARTMAP architectures using genetic algorithms, with the objective of improving generalization performance and alleviating the adaptive ...

Manufacturing cell formation with production data using neural networks (2009)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Industrial Control, Models: ART 1,
Author(s) Mahapatra, S.S. | Pandian, R.S. |
Abstract Batch type production strategies need adoption of cellular manufacturing (CM) in order to improve operational effectiveness by reducing manufacturing lead time and costs related to inventory and material handling. CM ...

Coordinated machine learning and decision support for situation awareness (2009)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Industrial Control, Information Fusion, Models: ARTMAP, Modified ART,
Author(s) Brannon, N.G. | Draelos, T.J. | Seiffertt, J.E. | Wunsch, D.C. |
Abstract Domains such as force protection require an effective decision maker to maintain a high level of situation awareness. A system that combines humans with neural networks is a desirable approach. Furthermore, it is ...

Critical Motion Detection of Nearby Moving Vehicles in a Vision-Based Driver-Assistance System (2009)
Categories Topics: Biological Vision, Image Analysis, Applications: Industrial Control, Models: ART 2 / Fuzzy ART,
Author(s) Chen, S.W. | Fang, C.Y. | Cherng, S. |
Abstract Driving always involves risk. Various means have been proposed to reduce the risk. Critical motion detection of nearby moving vehicles is one of the important means of preventing accidents. In this paper, a computational ...

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