Cognitive memory and auto-associative neural network based search engine for computer and network located images and photographs

Author(s): Aragon, J.C. | Percival, B.M. | Widrow, B. |

Year: 2005

Citation: Patent number: 7333963 Issue date: February 19, 2008

Abstract: Designs for cognitive memory systems storing input data, images, or patterns, and retrieving it without knowledge of where stored when cognitive memory is prompted by query pattern that is related to sought stored pattern. Retrieval system of cognitive memory uses autoassociative neural networks and techniques for pre-processing query pattern to establish relationship between query pattern and sought stored pattern, to locate sought pattern, and to retrieve it and ancillary data. Cognitive memory, when connected to computer or information appliance introduces computational architecture that applies to systems and methods for navigation, location and recognition of objects in images, character recognition, facial recognition, medical analysis and diagnosis, video image analysis, and to photographic search engines that when prompted with a query photograph containing faces and objects will retrieve related photographs stored in computer or other information appliance, and will identify URL s of related photographs and documents stored on the World Wide Web.

Topics: Machine Learning,

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