DISCOV: A Neural Model of Colour Vision, with Applications to Image Processing and Classification

Author(s): Carpenter, G.A. | Chelian, S.F. |

Year: 2005

Citation: Proceedings of AIC05: 10th Congress of the International Colour Association, May 9-13, 2005, Granada, Spain

Abstract: The DISCOV (DImensionless Shunting COlour Vision) system models a cascade of primate colour vision cells: retinal ganglion, thalamic single opponent, and two classes of cortical double opponents. A unified model formalism derived from psychophysical axioms produces transparent network dynamics and principled parameter settings. DISCOV fits an array of physiological data for each cell type, and makes testable experimental predictions. Properties of DISCOV model cells are compared with properties of corresponding components in the alternative Neural Fusion model. A benchmark testbed demonstrates the marginal computational utility of each model cell type on a recognition task derived from orthophoto imagery.

Topics: Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Applications: Information Fusion,

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