Enhanced neural network shell for application programs

Author(s): Austvold, S.M. | Bigus, J.P. | Henckel, J.D. | Hospers, P.A. |

Year: 1995

Citation: Patent number: 5444824 Issue date: August 22, 1995

Abstract: An enhanced neural network shell for application programs is disclosed. The user is prompted to enter in non-technical information about the specific problem type that the user wants solved by a neural network. The user also is prompted to indicate the input data usage information to the neural network. Based on this information, the neural network shell creates a neural network data structure by automatically selecting an appropriate neural network model and automatically generating an appropriate number of inputs, outputs, and/or other model-specific parameters for the selected neural network model. The user is no longer required to have expertise in neural network technology to create a neural network data structure.

Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Human-Machine Interface, Models: Other,

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