Fusion ART A neural network architecture for multi channel data fusion and classification

Author(s): Asfour, Y.R. | Carpenter, G.A. | Grossberg, S. | Lesher, G.W. |

Year: 1993

Citation: Proceedings of the World Congress on Neural Networks (WCNN 93), II 210-215

Abstract: Fusion ARTMAP is a self-organizing neural network architecture for multi-channel, or multi?sensor, data fusion. Single-channel Fusion ARTMAP is functionally equivalent to Fuzzy ART during unsupervised learning and to Fuzzy ARTMAP during supervised learning. The network has a symmetric organization such that each channel can be dynamically configured to serve as either a data input or a teaching input to the system. An ART module forms a compressed recognition code within each channel. These codes, in turn, become inputs to a single ART system that organizes the global recognition code. When a predictive error occurs, a process called parallel match tracking simultaneously raises vigilances in multiple ART modules until reset is triggered in one of them. Parallel match tracking hereby resets only that portion of the recognition code with the poorest match, or minimum predictive confidence. This internally controlled selective reset process is a type of credit assignment that creates a parsimoniously connected learned network Fusion ARTMAP?s multi-channel coding is illustrated by simulations of the Quadruped Mammal database.

Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Biological Classification, Information Fusion, Models: Fuzzy ARTMAP, Modified ART,

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