Fuzzy ART neural network algorithm for classifying the power system faults

Author(s): Kezunovic, M. | Vasilic, S. |

Year: 2005

Citation: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER DELIVERY Volume: 20 Issue: 2 Pages: 1306-1314 Part: Part 2

Abstract: This paper introduces advanced pattern recognition algorithm for classifying the transmission line faults, based on combined use of neural network and fuzzy logic. The approach utilizes self-organized, supervised Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) neural network with fuzzy decision rule applied on neural network outputs to improve algorithm selectivity for a variety of real events not necessarily anticipated during training. Tuning of input signal preprocessing steps and enhanced supervised learning are implemented, and their influence on the algorithm classification capability is investigated. Simulation results show improved algorithm recognition capabilities when compared to a previous version of ART algorithm for each of the implemented scenarios.

Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Industrial Control, Models: ART 2 / Fuzzy ART,

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