Gaussian ARTMAP: A neural network for past incremental learning of noisy multidimensional maps

Author(s): Williamson, J.R. |

Year: 1996

Citation: NEURAL NETWORKS Volume: 9 Issue: 5 Pages: 881-897

Abstract: A new neural network architecture for incremental supervised learning of analog multidimensional maps is introduced. The architecture, called Gaussian ARTMAP, is a synthesis of a Gaussian classifier and an adaptive resonance theory (ART) neural network, achieved by defining the ART choice function as the discriminant function of a Gaussian classifier with separable distributions, and the ART match function as the same, but with the distributions normalized to a unit height. While Gaussian ARTMAP retains the attractive parallel computing and fast learning properties of fuzzy ARTMAP, it learns a more efficient internal representation of a mapping while being more resistant to noise than fuzzy ARTMAP on a number of benchmark databases. Several simulations are presented which demonstrate that Gaussian ARTMAP consistently obtains a better trade-off of classification rate to number of categories than fuzzy ARTMAP. Results on a vowel classification problem are also presented which demonstrate that Gaussian ARTMAP outperforms many other classifiers.

Topics: Machine Learning, Models: Fuzzy ARTMAP, Modified ART,

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