Genetic neuro-nester

Author(s): Dagli, C.H. | Poshyanonda, P. |

Year: 2004

Citation: JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING Volume: 15 Issue: 2 Pages: 201-218

Abstract: In this paper, the integration of artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms is explored for solving uncured composite stock cutting problem, which is an NP-complete problem. The input patterns can be either rectangular or irregular, and the proposed approach can accommodate any orientation and size restrictions. A genetic algorithm is used to generate sequences of the input patterns to be allocated. The scrap percentage of each allocation is used as an evaluation criterion. The allocation algorithm uses the sliding method integrated with an artificial neural network, based on the adaptive resonance theory (ART1) paradigm, to allocate the patterns according to the sequence generated by the genetic algorithm. The results obtained by this approach give packing densities on the order of 80-95%.

Topics: Machine Learning, Models: ART 1, Genetic Algorithms,

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