Laminar cortical dynamics of 3D surface perception: Stratification, transparency, and neon color spreading

Author(s): Grossberg, S. | Yazdanbakhsh, A. |

Year: 2005

Citation: Vision Research, 45, 1725-1743

Abstract: The 3D LAMINART neural model is developed to explain how the visual cortex gives rise to 3D percepts of stratification, transparency, and neon color spreading in response to 2D pictures and 3D scenes. Such percepts are sensitive to whether contiguous image regions have the same contrast polarity and ocularity. The model predicts how like-polarity competition at V1 simple cells in layer 4 may cause these percepts when it interacts with other boundary and surface processes in V1, V2, and V4. The model also explains how: the Metelli Rules cause transparent percepts, bistable transparency percepts arise, and attention influences transparency reversal.

Topics: Biological Learning, Models: Modified ART,

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