Ovarian cancer diagnosis with complementary learning fuzzy neural network

Author(s): Ng, G.S. | Quek, C. | Razvi, K. | Tan, T.Z. |

Year: 2008

Citation: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MEDICINE Volume: 43 Issue: 3 Pages: 207-222

Abstract: Early detection is paramount to reduce the high death rate of ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, current detection toot is not sensitive. New techniques such as deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) micro-array and proteomics data are difficult to analyze due to high dimensionality, whereas conventional methods such as blood test are neither sensitive nor specific. Methods: Thus, a functional model of human pattern recognition known as compte-mentary learning fuzzy neural network (CLFNN) is proposed to aid existing diagnosis methods. In contrast to conventional computational intelligence methods, CLFNN exploits the Lateral inhibition between positive and negative samples. Moreover, it is equipped with autonomous rule generation facility. An example named fuzzy adaptive learning control network with another adaptive resonance theory (FALCON-AART) is used to illustrate the performance of CLFNN. Results: The confluence of CLFNN-micro-array, CLFNN-blood test, and CLFNN-proteo-mics demonstrate good sensitivity and specificity in the experiments. The diagnosis decision is accurate and consistent. CLFNN also outperforms most of the conventional methods. Conclusions: This research work demonstrates that the confluence of CLFNN-DNA micro-array, CLFNN-blood tests, and CLFNN-proteomic test improves the diagnosis accuracy with higher consistency. CLFNN exhibits good performance in ovarian cancer diagnosis in general. Thus, CLFNN is a promising toot for clinical decision support.

Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Medical Diagnosis, Models: Fuzzy ARTMAP,

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