System for and method of web signature recognition system based on object map

Author(s): Avni, Y. | Suchard, E. |

Year: 2004

Citation: Patent number: 6687390 Issue date: February 3, 2004

Abstract: The present invention includes a system and a method of validating an identity of a user using a pointing device by comparing a sampled mouse signature with an authenticated mouse signature. The method includes presenting a virtual pad including a background graphic image, a plurality of objects positioned on the background graphic image to a user. The user moves the pointing device to manipulate a cursor on the background graphic image. The method includes a step of sampling a plurality of events corresponding to positions of the cursor to provide a sampled mouse signature including a set of position vectors. The present invention includes comparing the sampled mouse signature to a stored mouse signature representing the identity of a user, and validating the identity of a user in response to the comparing step.

Topics: Machine Learning,

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