Use of adaptive resonance theory to differentiate network device types (routers vs switches)

Author(s): Barillaud, F. |

Year: 1999

Citation: Patent number: 6646996 Issue date: Nov 11, 2003

Abstract: To determine a network communications device type, (switch or router) without reference to internal information within the network communications device, two packets having preselected, differing sizes (e.g., 64 bytes and 1500 bytes) are sequentially transmitted from one network node to another through the network communications device. The difference between the transmission start times for the two packets, determined by time references set up based on internal data processing system high resolution counters and placed in the IP packet payload, and the difference between the receipt stop timesthat is, when the last portions of the two packets are receivedare compared. If the two differences are substantially the same, the network communications device is classified as a switch. If the two differences are unequal by an appreciable amount, the network communications device is classified as a router. Classification may optionally be performed by a neural network trained with the...

Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Network Analysis, Models: Modified ART,

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