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Software Description

Filling-in GUI microassembly. The package contains a MATLAB implementation of diffusive filing-in model. The demo simulation is based on Craik-O'Brien-Cornsweet Effect(COCE). The package provides GUI interface to control luminance of COCE stimulus components which have impact on the model's output. The software can be run from matlab command line by typing Filling_in at the prompt. Necessary documentation as well as source code is provided.

Coded By

Gennady Livitz


Grossberg, S. , Todorovic, D., Neural dynamics of 1-D and 2-D brightness perception: A unified model of classical and recent phenomena, Perception and Psychophysics, 43, 241-277 (1988).


Present implementation of diffusive filling-in model demonstrates dynamics of neural signal spreading on the example of Craik-O'Brien-Cornsweet Effect. Filling-in process is implemented as a set of non-linear differential equations that control spreading of the activity of the Feature Contour System signals (brightness, color) within the image segments defined by the Boundary Contour System signals. The demo example simulates 1D filling-in process and allows the user to see the impact of luminance contrast in the COCE configuration on the output of the present implementation of diffusive filling-in model.

Code Description

Filing-in GUI microassembly. Unzip archive. Run by typing Filling-in at MATLAB prompt

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No dependency

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Public domain software


Gennady Livitz, Gail Carpinter, Pilly Praveen, Massimiliano Versace


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