On learning, information, lateral inhibition, and transmitters

Author(s): Grossberg, S. |

Year: 1969

Citation: Mathematical Biosciences, 4, 255-310

Abstract: A mathematical model with both a psychological and neurophysiological interpretation is introduced to qualitatively explain data about serial learning of lists. Phenomenasuch as bowing, anchoring, chunking, backward learning, all-or-none versus gradualistlearning, anticipatory versus perseverative errors, accumulation of inhibition, and theirdependence on intratrial interval, intertrial interval, list length, list position, andreaction time have mathematical analogs in this model. The proper definitions ofa list's beginning, middle, and end for the purposes of learning theory are seen todepend crucially on• temporal as well as geometrical factors.

Topics: Mathematical Foundations of Neural Networks, Models: Other,

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