Pattern learning and recognition apparatus in a computer system

Author(s): Cohen, M. | Grossberg, S. |

Year: 1991

Citation: Patent number: 5040214 Issue date: Aug 13, 1991

Abstract: A masking field network F.sub.2, is characterized through systematic computer simulations serves or a content addressable memory. Masking field network F.sub.2 receives input patterns from an adaptive filter F.sub.1 .fwdarw.F.sub.2 that is activated by a prior processing level F.sub.1. The network F.sub.2 activates compressed recognition close that are predictive with respect to the activation patterns flickering across F.sub.1, and competitively inhibits, or masks, codes which are unpredictive with respect to the F.sub.1 patterns. The masking field can simultaneously detect multiple groupings within its input patterns and assign activation weights to the recognition codes for these groupings which are predictive with respect to the contextual information embedded within the patterns and the prior learning of the network. Automatic rescaling of sensitivity of the masking field as the overall size of an input pattern changes, allows stronger activation of a code for the whole...

Topics: Machine Learning,

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