Rules for the cortical map of ocular dominance and orientation columns

Author(s): Grossberg, S. | Olson, S. |

Year: 1994

Citation: Neural Networks, 7, 883-894

Abstract: Three computational rules are sufficient to generate model cortical maps that simulate the interrelated structure of cortical ocular dominance and orientation columns: a noise input. a spatial band passfilter. and competitive normalization across all feature dimensions. The data of Blasdel from optical imaging experiments reveal cortical map fractures, singularities. and linear zones that are fit by the model. In particular. singularities in orientation preference tend to occur in the centers of ocular dominance columns, and orientation contours tend to intersect ocular dominance columns at right angles. The model embodies a universal computational substrate that all models of cortical map development and adult function need to realize in some form.

Topics: Biological Vision, Models: Other,

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