S-TREE: Self-organizing trees for data clustering and online vector quantization

Author(s): Campos, M.M. | Carpenter, G.A. |

Year: 2001

Citation: Neural Networks, 14, 505-525.

Abstract: This paper introduces S-TREE (Self-Organizing Tree), a family of models that use unsupervised learning to construct hierarchical representations of data and online tree-structured vector quantizers. The S-TREE1 model, which features a new tree-building algorithm, can be implemented with various cost functions. An alternative implementation, S-TREE2, which uses a new double-path search procedure, is also developed. The performance of the S-TREE algorithms is illustrated with data clustering and vector quantization examples, including a Gauss?Markov source benchmark and an image compression application. S-TREE performance on these tasks is compared with the standard tree-structured vector quantizer (TSVQ) and the generalized Lloyd algorithm (GLA). The image reconstruction quality with STREE2 approaches that of GLA while taking less than 10% of computer time. S-TREE1 and S-TREE2 also compare favorably with the standard TSVQ in both the time needed to create the codebook and the quality of image reconstruction. ? 2001 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

Topics: Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Models: Other,

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