Synchronized oscillations during cooperative feature linking in a cortical model of visual perception

Author(s): Grossberg, S. | Somers, D. |

Year: 1991

Citation: Neural Networks, 4, 453-466

Abstract: A neural network model of synchronized oscillations in visual cortex is presented to account for recent neurophysiological findings that such synchronization may reflect global properties of the stimulus. In these experiments, synchronization of oscillatory firing responses to moving bar stimuli occurred not only for nearby neurons, but also occurred between neurons separated by everal cortical columns (several mm of cortex) when these neurons shared some receptive field preferences specific to the stimuli. These results were obtained for single bar stimuli and also across two disconnected, but colinear, bars moving in the same direction. Our model and computer simulations obtain these synchrony results across both single and double bar stimuli sing different, but formally related, models of preattentive visual boundary segmentation and attentive visual object recognition, as well as nearest-neighbor and randomly coupled models.

Topics: Biological Vision, Models: Other,

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