Directional transient cells


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Software Description

This microcircuit models how direction selectivity appears in the directional transient cells, which are found in layer 4Ca of area V1 for macaques.

Below are links to source article and zipped file that contains a MATLAB-based graphical user interface with additional access to the directional transient cell network equation, description, and source code.

Coded By

Praveen Pilly


Grossberg, S. , Mingolla, E. , Viswanathan, L., Neural dynamics of motion integration and segmentation within and across apertures, Vision Research, 41, 2521-2553 (2001).


The microcircuit for directional transient network simulates how two cell types interact to realize directional selectivity at a wide range of speeds: directional transient cells, which generate output signals, and directional inhibitory interneurons, which influence these directional output signals (Grossberg et al., 2001). This interaction is consistent with rabbit retinal data concerning how bipolar cells interact with inhibitory starburst amacrine cells and direction-selective ganglion cells, and how starburst cells interact with each other and with ganglion cells (Fried, Münch, & Werblin, 2002). This predicted role of starburst cells in ensuring directional selectivity at a wide range of speeds has not yet been tested. This circuit is used to generate local directional signals in a number of motion processing models (Chey et al., 1997; Grossberg et al., 2001; Berzhanskaya et al., 2007; Grossberg & Pilly, 2008).

Code Description

To use the software for the directional transient cells, download the package ( from the Download(s) below and unzip the contents into a local folder. Open MATLAB and change the current directory to the folder. At the command prompt, type DTCgui to begin using the software via a graphical user interface.

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