Simple Cells


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Software Description

This is a one-dimensional stand-alone implementation of the Grossberg and Todorović model of a cortical simple cell. The attached zip file contains Matlab code for the model, as well as documentation and a demonstration GUI designed to illustrate the key computational properties. Note that the source for this model is (Grossberg and Todorović, 1988), but only the section pertaining to cortical simple cells is included.

Coded By

Ben Chandler


Grossberg, S. , Todorovic, D., Neural dynamics of 1-D and 2-D brightness perception: A unified model of classical and recent phenomena, Perception and Psychophysics, 43, 241-277 (1988).


Code Description

This Matlab implementation includes stand-alone source code, simplecell.m, as well as documentation and a GUI-based example. For stand-alone use instructions, see how_to_run.pdf. Otherwise, run main_gui from Matlab to see the full GUI example.

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Ben Chandler, Gail Carpenter, Praveen K. Pilly, Chaitanya Sai, Doug Sondak, Kadin Tseng, Max Versace


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