Tech Transfer Patents

This section lists a number of neural network and pattern recognition patents created outside the CNS Tech Lab which are based on ART or ARTMAP.

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Visualization and self-organization of multidimensional data through equalized orthogonal mapping (2005)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning,
Author(s) Meng, Z. | Pao, Y.H. |
Abstract The subject system provides reduced-dimension mapping of pattern data. Mapping is applied through conventional single-hidden-layer feed-forward neural network with non-linear neurons. According to one aspect of the present ...

Distributed energy neural network integration system (2005)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Industrial Control,
Author(s) Sinnock, H.J. |
Abstract A system that couples distributed power generators together as a collective unit for the purposes of selling or purchasing energy from the electrical power grid. The apparatus includes a charge/discharge controller and an ...

Cognitive memory and auto-associative neural network based search engine for computer and network located images and photographs (2005)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning,
Author(s) Aragon, J.C. | Percival, B.M. | Widrow, B. |
Abstract Designs for cognitive memory systems storing input data, images, or patterns, and retrieving it without knowledge of where stored when cognitive memory is prompted by query pattern that is related to sought stored pattern. ...

Application specific intelligent microsensors (2005)
Categories Topics: Other, Applications: Other, Models: Other,
Author(s) Griffin, J.W. | Lind, M.A. | Morgan, G.B. | Priddy, K.L. | Ridgway, R.W. | Stein, S.L. |
Abstract An intelligent microsensor module (10, 100, 210, 300, 355, 410) is provided that can fuse data streams from a variety of sources and then locally determine the current state of the environment in which the intelligent ...

System for and method of web signature recognition system based on object map (2004)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning,
Author(s) Avni, Y. | Suchard, E. |
Abstract The present invention includes a system and a method of validating an identity of a user using a pointing device by comparing a sampled mouse signature with an authenticated mouse signature. The method includes presenting a ...

Neural network apparatus and method for pattern recognition (2004)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning,
Author(s) Khan, E.R. |
Abstract A self-organizing neural network having input and output neurons mutually coupled via bottom-up and top-down adaptive weight matrics performs pattern recognition while using substantially fewer neurons and being ...

Image processing in HSI color space using adaptive noise filtering (2003)
Categories Topics: Image Analysis, Models: ART 1,
Author(s) Gopishankar, L. | Kim, Y. | Park, H.W. | Sun, S. |
Abstract Adaptive noise filtering is applied to an image frame of HSI data to reduce and more uniformly distribute noise while preserving image feature edges. An adaptive spatial filter includes a plurality of averaging kernels. An ...

Use of generic classifiers to determine physical topology in heterogeneous networking environments (2003)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Other, Models: ART 1,
Author(s) Antsey, K.A. | Barillaud, F. | Croft, A.J. | Linton, J.F. | Marinos, D.J. |
Abstract Round trip time, bottleneck link speed, and hop count information from one node to the remaining nodes within a network is collected and processed by an adaptive resonance theory (ART) neural network to classify the nodes by ...

Adaptive vector quantization/quantizer (2002)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Models: Modified ART,
Author(s) Mitra, S.D. |
Abstract An adaptive vector quantization process and quantizer (VQ) using a clustering technique known as AFLC (adaptive fuzzy leader clustering) is disclosed. The quantizer, AFLC-VQ, has been designed to vector quantize wavelet ...

Motion estimation within a sequence of data frames using optical flow with adaptive gradients (2002)
Categories Topics: Image Analysis,
Author(s) Kim, Y. | Sun, S. |
Abstract The optical flow of an array of pixels in an image field is determined using adaptive spatial and temporal gradients. Artifacts are avoided for image objects which are moving smoothly relative to the image field background. ...

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