Tech Transfer Patents

This section lists a number of neural network and pattern recognition patents created outside the CNS Tech Lab which are based on ART or ARTMAP.

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Machine fault diagnostics system and method (1996)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Models: ARTMAP, Fuzzy ARTMAP,
Author(s) Huang, H.H. | Knapp, G.M. | Lin, C.C. | Lin, S.S. | Spoerre, J.K. | Wang, H.P. |
Abstract The invention provides a machine fault diagnostic system to help ensure effective equipment maintenance. The major technique used for fault diagnostics is a fault diagnostic network (FDN) which is based on a modified ARTMAP ...

Enhanced neural network shell for application programs (1995)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Human-Machine Interface, Models: Other,
Author(s) Austvold, S.M. | Bigus, J.P. | Henckel, J.D. | Hospers, P.A. |
Abstract An enhanced neural network shell for application programs is disclosed. The user is prompted to enter in non-technical information about the specific problem type that the user wants solved by a neural network. The user also ...

Seismic event classification system (1994)
Categories Topics: Machine Learning, Applications: Remote Sensing,
Author(s) Dowla, F.U. | Jarpe, S.P. | Maurer, W. |
Abstract In the computer interpretation of seismic data, the critical first step is to identify the general class of an unknown event. For example, the classification might be: teleseismic, regional, local, vehicular, or noise. ...

Optoelectronic sensory neural network (1992)
Categories Topics: Image Analysis, Applications: Character Recognition,
Author(s) Darling, R.B. | Nabet, B. | Pinter, R.B. |
Abstract A neural network for processing sensory information. The network comprise one or more layers including interconnecting cells having individual states. Each cell is connected to one or more neighboring cells. Sensory signals ...

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